Life, Mental Health, Mood Disorder


Because paper is more patient than people.

Lately I’m humbled. Humbled by the many windows of grace; by my God who not only shows up but shows off too. By the emotional explosions that thrust me into the arms of that loving God.

I’m thankful for the tasteful and timeless music and my dancing feet.

I’m impressed by that empty bottle of antidepressants on the bedside that hasn’t left me feening for one more pill for the life of me. Six whole months later. And my stout-heartedness and criminal level of resilience through it all.

I’m stunned that I’m slowly becoming a vibrational match to my dreams. And that the unknown and the unseen seem to be cheering on.

I’m intrigued by this life that’s peopled with inspiration. By this one ardently sweet, indomitably good-natured person who thinks the same about me.

I’m awed by my sister who looks spookily like me but isn’t my twin. And especially by her stellar personality.


4 thoughts on “JOURNAL 20/2

    • Ida-Sharon says:

      I understand where you are coming from. Eight months ago I could not for the life of me, ever imagine going even a day without my meds. Thanks for the kind words. All the best in this season! 💛

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  1. It’s encouraging to hear other people taking meds and then being able to get off them too. I had been very apprehensive to start medication even though I absolutely needed it. Later the sheer urgency and the consequent apathy that follows led me towards it. I hope someday I’ll become as strong as you’re now. Take care ❤😊


    • Ida-Sharon Ngollo says:

      You’re so beautiful. And definitely as strong as they come. I understand where you’re coming from, and you will win. Thank you. Sending you blessings and favour ❤️😊

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